Giving every fish a sporting chance

Club Fishing By-Laws

These rules have been based on the International Game Fishing Association (IGFA) fishing regulations, and the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council fishing rules so that, in their observance every fish should have a sporting chance.

Only fish caught within these rules and IGFA ANGLING Rules and within the intent of these rules will be recognized.


Catches may be recognized by Mangawhai Boating and Fishing Club (OBFC) and they may also be recognized by the NZSFC for New Zealand or world records (IGFA), depending on the breaking strain of tackle used.

If acknowledged by either party, this may also entitle you to merit pins and trophies under their regulations.

1.0 Divisions

There are four divisions to which you can apply for awards.

a) Sport Fishing

1) Boat.Line weight must not exceed 15 kg.

2) Land Based & hand lines. Line weight must not exceed 37 kg.

b) Game Fishing

IGFA line weights apply. Line weight must not exceed 60 kg.

c) Diving

Scuba and Free Diving only. Spear fishing is not recognized.

d) Fresh Water

Rainbow and Brown Trout only.

Sport Fishing and Game Fishing will be recognized by the Club for all competitions, trophies, pins, New Zealand and World Records, subject to the Angler meeting any fees imposed for line testing etc.

Note:Where the line weight used complies with the requirements of more than one division (ie Sport Fishing or Game Fishing) the angler can enter the capture in either division, but not in both.

1.1 Sport Fishing – (Boat, Land Based and Hand Lines)

a) Only financial members of the Club shall be eligible for the award of Club Pins, or Club Certificates of Club Trophies.

b) The Club recognizes all fish accepted by the NZSFC.

c) Club Pins will be given for, Snapper, Trevally, Kingfish, Kahawai, Gurnard, John Dory, hapuka, Tarakihi and Maomao.

d) A pin will be awarded to each Angler with the best qualifying fish per species, per month.

The qualifying weights and classes for Club Pins are:

Species Pin Colour Men/Ladies Juniors Midgets
Snapper Orange 4.50 kg 3.60 kg 1.40 kg
Kahawai Green 2.70 kg 2.30 kg 1.36 kg
Kingfish Yellow 12.00 kg 11.00 kg 10.00 kg
Trevalli Blue 2.70 kg 2.00 kg 1.50 kg
Tarakihi Grey 1.30 kg 1.00 kg 1.00 kg
Hapuka Black 9.00 kg 6.80 kg 5.00 kg
Gurnard Red 1.20 kg 1.00 kg 0.75 kg
John Dory White 2.50 kg 2.00 kg 1.50 kg
Maomao Pink n/a n/a 0.50kg

e) A Gold Pin will be awarded for a meritorious catch of the following weights.

  1. Snapper 9.00 kg
  2. Kahawai 4.00 kg
  3. Kingfish 18.00 kg
  4. Trevalli 4.50 kg
  5. Tarakihi 2.50 kg
  6. Hapuka 18.00 kg
  7. Gurnard 2.00 kg
  8. John Dory 3.50 kg

1.2 Game Fishing

a) The club recognizes all species of game fish accepted by the NZSFC. (All fish caught within 200 miles off the two main islands of New Zealand that are recognized by the IGFA)

b) Club awards will be given for: Billfish (Marlin) , Tuna, and Kingfish.

c) The first of each species of game fish caught (Rule 1.2b) will qualify for a pin, (for each Man, Lady, Junior and Midget angler) provided it exceeds he minimum weight defined in Rule 2.

The next pin fish of each species must weigh more than the first.

d) All game fish which exceed the minimum weight will be awarded a certificate.

e) Tagged fish will be awarded a certificate, providing the species is in the NIWA tagging program and NZSFC approved.

f) Certificates for catch and release (without tagging) will be at the discretion of the Executive Committee. (Photo or witness to release is required) .

g) Only one pin will be awarded per angler per season except where the same angler catches the first and subsequent heaviest fish of each species. No fish shall qualify for more than one pin.

1.3 Diving

a) Crayfish over 2kg will be awarded a Certificate for the best qualifying crayfish, per angler, per month.

b) The taking of Crayfish will be by legal methods as defined by MAF. (excluding pots or nets) .

c) Punctured exoskeletons will be disqualified.

1.4 Fresh Water

a) Certificates will be awarded to the best qualifying fish, per angler per month with a minimum weight of 3 kg.

b) Fishing licence must be produced when weighing fish.

2.0 Minimum Weights

All fish must be of legal size. Minimum weights apply for Game fish only and are defined as follow:

Species Lineweight
24kg and over
15kg or less
Broadbill Exceed line weight Exceed line weight
Marlin * Exceed 90kg Exceed 90 kg
Game Sharks ** Exceed 50kg Exceed 30kg
Kingfish (Yellowtail) Exceed 15kg Exceed line weight (minimum length 75cm)
Tuna *** Exceed 15kg Exceed line weight
Mahi Mahi Exceed 10kg Exceed line weight
Albacore Exceed 10kg Exceed line weight
Wahoo Exceed 10kg Exceed line weight
Sailfish Exceed 10kg Exceed line weight
Shortbill Spearfish Exceed 10kg Exceed line weight
Hapuka Exceed 10kg Exceed line weight
Snapper Exceed 10kg N/A

Skipjack Tuna

No minimum catch weights. NIWA size restrictions apply

* Marlin are: Blue, Black or Striped

** Game sharks are: Mako, Blue, Hammerhead,Thresher, Bronze, Tiger, Porbeagle

*** Tuna are: Yellowfin, Big Eye, and Southern and Pacific Blue Fin

3.0 Prohibited Fishing Gear

a) Fish caught on a Kontiki line, Long Line, Set Line, Gill Nets or by Kite fishing are not eligible.

b) If any prohibited fishing gear is found aboard any members’ boat, all fish on that boat will be disqualified and the member(s) subject to expulsion from the Club. (Refer to Rule 10f)

4.0 Commercial Vessels

a) Fishing from a Licensed Fishing vessel (ie Commercial Boats with quotas) will not be eligible for Club awards unless:

(1) The boat has been deregistered for the purpose of recreational fishing AND

(2) advise at least one Executive committee member prior to leaving port that they will be fishing solely for the purpose of recreational fishing.

(3) In the instance where it is not required to deregister the boat, then Rule 4a (2) applies.

b) Any prohibited gear found aboard a commercial vessel whilst engaged in recreational fishing, all member(s) aboard will be subject to expulsion from the Club.

5.0 Competitions

a) Fishing competitions will be held each season as decided by the Executive Committee.

b) The areas permitted to be fished, the fishing times and weigh in deadlines will be advised with competition rules prior to each competition.

c) Entry fees will be decided by the Executive Committee of which in their discretion, there may be two classes of entry.

1) Entry fees for Members

2) Entry fees for non-Members.

6.0 Weigh In

a) Weighing in fish must be on Certified Scales

b) All catches being submitted for pins or awards must complete a Catch Sheet, which is the Anglers’ responsibility prior to weighing the fish.

c) The completed Catch Sheet must be accompanied with a Weigh Docket, if not weighed on Club Scales, and duly signed by the person weighting the fish. All details must be forwarded to the Secretary within 28 days of weighing to be eligible for Club Awards.

d) The Club Weigh Master has the power to inspect all fishing gear on a boat.

7.0 Booklets

New Zealand and World record claims must be submitted on the appropriate forms and the requirements of the NZSFC must be adhered to.

8.0 National and World Records

a. New Zealand and World record claims must be submitted on the appropriate forms and the requirements of the NZSFC must be adhered to.

b. For a National Record a Silver Pin with a Ruby eye will be presented.

c. For a World Record, a Gold Pin will be presented. (Should an Angler catch two World Records in one day, a gold pin with a diamond eye will be awarded).

d. To qualify for Record claims, all I.G.F.A. fishing rules must be complied with at the time of catch.

e. A sample of the line used must accompany the claim. (At least 16 metres of main line and all leaders)

f. The following photographs are required to accompany the claim:

1) The full length of the fish, rod & reel used to make the catch

2) The Angler photographed with the catch

3) In the event of a Big Eye Tuna claim, a photo of the liver of the fish

4) A photo of the fish lying on its side with a tape or rule lying alongside

Note: Ikying or bleeding of Fish is considered disqualifying injuries. Refer Rule L 16, page 13. Ikying or Bleeding for CLUB awards will be accepted.

9.0 Annual Awards (Trophies)

9.1 Sport Fishing

a) For Men

Heaviest snapper boat

Heaviest Kahawai Boat

Heaviest Snapper Land Based

Heaviest Kahawai Land Based

b) For Ladies

Heaviest Snapper Boat

Heaviest Kahawai Boat

Heaviest Snapper Land Based

Heaviest Kahawai Land Based

c) For Juniors

Heaviest Snapper Boat

Heaviest Kahawai Boat

Heaviest Snapper Land Based

Heaviest Kahawai Land Based

d) For Midgets

Heaviest Snapper Boat

Heaviest Kahawai Boat

Heaviest Snapper Land Based

Heaviest Kahawai Land Based

Heaviest Maomao

e) For all Anglers

Heaviest King Fish boat

Heaviest King Fish Land Based

Heaviest Hapuka

Heaviest John Dory

Heaviest Gurnard

Heaviest Trevally

Heaviest Tarakihi


Most Variety of Pin Fish

Meritorious Catch - (Points system. Weight of fish multiplied by 100, divided by line weight, equals points)

9.2 Game Fishing

Heaviest Overall Game Fish (Donated by M Bridger)

First Marlin of the Season (Donated by Henderson Family)

Heaviest Marlin (Donated by Henderson Family)

Heaviest Tuna (Donated by RnR)

Heaviest Kingfish (Donated by D Claydon)

Heaviest Hapuka

Meritorious Catch (Points system – Weight of fish multiplied by 100, divided by line weight, equals points)

Conservation Trophy (Best photo of released fish)

9.3 Diving

Heaviest Spiny Red Crayfish (Donated by Hideaway Motor Camp)

9.4 Fresh Water

Heaviest Trout

9.5 Easter Saturday Club Day Trophies (Light Tackle)

Open Kahawai Cup

Heaviest Snapper Men (Club Trophy)

Heaviest Snapper Ladies (Club Trophy)

Heaviest Snapper Juniors (Club Trophy)

Heaviest Snapper Midgets (Club Trophy)

In the event of no snapper in the Midget’s class, trophy goes to the heaviest fish

10.0 Rules

a) Senior Members – over the age of 16 at the 1st July.

Junior Members – 16 years and under, and over 10 years at the 1st July

Midget Members – 10 years and under at the 1st July

b) The Club’s financial year commences on the 1st July and subscriptions are then due.

Under Rule 4 of the Constitution members being not more than 3 months in arrears are deemed financial.

c) Competition awards or issue of pins will be withheld from Members in arrears, until the receipt of outstanding subscriptions. (These must be paid by September 30th)

d) Catches of a member becoming unfinancial (subscriptions outstanding on 1st October) will forfeit any Club rights.

e) It will be at the discretion of the Executive Committee to accept or decline any fish for any award.

f) Any dispute arising from these rules will be referred to a special meeting of the Executive Committee, whose decision shall be final.

g) Under rule 5.0 b) ii of the constitution, the Committee may suspend or expel any member if they have been found guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct or any act detrimental to the interest of the Club. All members shall have the right to deny any charges before the Committee or at a General meeting, but the decision of the Committee shall be final.